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Formation SEO

Comment doubler son trafic sans même dépenser 1€ par jour .


Module 1 (Semaine 1)

Lecon 1 : Introduction au SEO

The 3 Keys to Winning Online

– Why SEO?

– Choosing Your Battleground

– Unlock the SEO Factors to Win Online

SERP Packs Explained
How to Win In Local SEO

Lecon 2 : La recherche de mots clés

  What Do You Want To Accomplish With
My Bet Is You’re Doing Keyword Research
Google Keyword Planner
Matching Your Goal With Your
Customer’s Goal
5 Steps to Keyword Success

– Build Your Keyword List
– Research Your Audience
– Matching The Customer Journey
– Your Keyword List
– the Right Keywords
– Facebook Pixel Guide

Module 2 (Semaine 2)

Lecon 3 : SEO One-page & Off-page

Optimising Your On Page Elements for Google

– Writing Headlines and Title Tags
– Improving CTR with Meta Tags
– SEO Friendly URL’s
– Dwell Time
– Optimize Your Images for Search

Cleaning Up Your Site With an SEO Audit

Thin Content
Broken Links
Robots and Indexing
Making Your Site Mobile Optimized
How to Speed Up Your Site Page Speed
How to Find and Hire the Right Help


Module 3 (Semaine 3)

Lecon 4 : Marketing de contenu – Part 1

Understanding Content Marketing
Writing to Your Ideal Audience
Writing Introduction
Editing Your Copy
The Power Of StoryTelling
Stages of Awareness



Module 4 (Semaine 4)

Lecon 5 : Marketing de contenu – Part 2

Generating Content Ideas
Content Marketing Frameworks That Work
Writing For Email
Writing For Social Media
Guest Blogging
Hiring Writers You Can Rely O

Module 5 (Semaine 5)

Lecon 6 : Création de liens

What is Link Building
What is a Good Link
Black Hat Links
How to Do Outreach The Right Way
Email Outreach Templates
How to Get Journalists / Bloggers on Your Side
Link Building Case Studies



Module 6 (Semaine 6)

Lecon 7 : Mesurer

✓  Google Search Console

– Search Queries
– Sitemaps
– Messages
– Penalties

Google Analytics

– Dashboards
– Tracking Goals
– Filters
– Reports

Module 7 (Semaine 7)

Lecon 8 : Image de marque et expérience client

What is Your Brand Message
Value Proposition
User Engagement Optimization Tips
Conversion Optimization
Building Relationships Over Email
Power of Word of Mouth

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